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Q: What to do if problem is at server?

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Down - 7 hours ago
posted: 18/04/24

No connection again.

Ari Driver
Down - 19 days ago
posted: 30/03/24

Can’t connect

Mindy Batti
Down - 244 days ago
posted: 18/08/23 and .com has been "down", for me, since Wednesday Aug. 17, 2023. It started acting up about 3 minutes before the end of a show I was watching and then went completely down. I have not been able to load it since that time. I have cleared my history on my computer thinking that might help, but it didn't. I miss my access to shows that I enjoy watching on tvhome. Please help!

Cindy Ryan
Disruption - 330 days ago
posted: 24/05/23

I can't log in and have been waiting 2 days for a password reset [email protected]

David Wilkins
Down in United States - 806 days ago
posted: 02/02/22

Need new password and need to buy new credits

Down in United States - 897 days ago
posted: 03/11/21

Does not work with error 520

Down in United States - 897 days ago
posted: 03/11/21

It will not load at server is fine its the host. Are you having issues with your site?

Down - 1127 days ago
posted: 19/03/21

It won't download at all.

Jacqueline Grace
Disruption - 1230 days ago
posted: 05/12/20

I live in Montreal,Quebec, Canada. I have been trying for 4 weeks to watch season 1 episode 7 of Undercover in English, just like the previous 6 episodes but they are in German! I tried Season 2 episode 1

Patty Short
Disruption - 1311 days ago
posted: 16/09/20

Hi, I've never seen this error befored. sorry Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (2)err1!,Please reload Nothing will play. The visual programs appear but click to play does not happen. Patty Short [email protected]

Julie Bacon
Disruption - 1315 days ago
posted: 12/09/20

I have an account with tvhomecc under the email of [email protected] A couple of days ago I was asked for my password, and I put it in and the site says the password isn't valid. I checked on password forgotten and they said they would send me a temporary password. I have asked for this maybe 20 times but have NOT received any temp password, even in my junk mail. I have sent other emails but have received no emails from them!!!!!

Susan Young
Comment - 1412 days ago
posted: 07/06/20

I have sent numerous messages to to send me a temporary password as I can not get into my account which has at least 600 points. I have not been able to watch it for at least 3 weeks. No reply has come to me. Please send any information to [email protected] Thank you

Down - 1460 days ago
posted: 20/04/20

Unable to log in

Maureen Allerston
Down - 1512 days ago
posted: 27/02/20

Whole network is down. Is this a server error or is it permanent? :(

Comment from United States - 1629 days ago
posted: 03/11/19

Not loading blank page

Down in Canada - 1822 days ago
posted: 23/04/19

Down in Canada despite saying it is up and running. Can log in but cannot open any links.

Down in Australia - 1822 days ago
posted: 23/04/19

Site is open but cant access video files, site may be blocked by content type

Comment from Canada - 2039 days ago
posted: 18/09/18

Http:// is this down temporary or periminent?

Down in United States - 2040 days ago
posted: 18/09/18

Server down

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