Q: What we do?

Is SiteDownRightNow.com (short URL UpDownDetector.com) helps you determine if a website is really down at any location on the globe or not. The outage/disruption may be on global scale or it may be limited to any locality. We show the results on a map to differentiate that.

Q: What to do if a site is down only for me?

If a site is down only for you then you can proceed with any of the following:

  • Try to troubleshoot with our troubleshoot guide.

  • Search for an alternative of that site.

Q: What to do if a site is actually down?

  • Wait – mostly outages are temporary and short-lived. In majority of cases the site may be up after few minutes.

  • Watch for official announcements – often companies post about upfront outages before outage, in cases if the site needs maintenance etc. So go to twitter, Facebook page or forum of that website to know the outage schedule.

  • Ask for help – if above is not the case then that may be an unplanned outage. Most probably, the site's crew may already be working on it but it is good to shout out loud at their twitter, Facebook page or forum to let them know about the issue.

  • Watch for an alternative – as a last resort you can go for similar other choices, that you can find with a quick Google search.

Q: How we do our job?

To know if a site's server is really down two approaches are used. Firstly, localized ping access is made using localized IPs. Secondly, response from real users is taken. Both inputs are fed into algorithm to know if a site is up, down or if there is a minor disruption.

Sites Down Right Now

a2zeducations.com - 25 secs ago
generalasp.com - 1 mins ago
dodear.com - 2 mins ago
tatalouvre.com - 2 mins ago
cloudstitch.com - 3 mins ago

Sites Facing Disruption

bigozine2.com - 6 mins ago
marshalldining.com - 9 mins ago
monkeymaximus.com - 9 mins ago
kijiji.com - 10 mins ago
groupe-intellex.com - 10 mins ago

Latest Checked Sites

mcati.com - 10 secs ago
ynaija.com - 18 secs ago
icirclesearch.com - 20 secs ago
a2zeducations.com - 25 secs ago
hse.gov.uk - 26 secs ago