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Disruption - 18 days ago
posted: 29/04/21

Can't access redmp3site

Down - 141 days ago
posted: 27/12/20

This is used to be on of my favorite sites when it comes to downloading mp3's esp. OPM (Original Philippine Music) songs. Now it's been down for weeks now and i can't download the songs i want to add to my playlist. Shame on you for not bringing your site back. #BringBackRedMP3

John Politis
Down - 171 days ago
posted: 27/11/20

I cannot connect to this it is down.

Down - 179 days ago
posted: 19/11/20

When is the domain going to work again?

Down - 191 days ago
posted: 07/11/20

Red MP3 player used to play songs to the end now it only plays it for 30 minutes then it went away and says this page won't restart I like MP3 red I hope they fix it soon I was a fan and still like to be a fan if they fix it I hope everybody likes this MP3 cuz I like it too hopefully the program will get updated and it will be like it used to be

Down - 191 days ago
posted: 07/11/20

I wish that red MP3 gets this site fixed soon correctly and place full album and songs

Down - 191 days ago
posted: 07/11/20

What happened to red MP3 player download

Down - 191 days ago
posted: 07/11/20

No shirts showing does not work it is down will not restart red mp3

Pragasen Moodley
Disruption - 197 days ago
posted: 01/11/20

Cannot get site of redsmp3 why not working sometime works but plays songs all songs for 30 seconds

Bradley C. Acosta
Down in United States - 216 days ago
posted: 13/10/20

It's not working.

Comment - 233 days ago
posted: 26/09/20

I see it green and up but i don't get acces to it it leads me to an other page

Down - 238 days ago
posted: 21/09/20

Nothhing it shows down and on the grafic it shows green between 16h and 18h pm.. strange

Disruption - 240 days ago
posted: 19/09/20

Can't download and listen

Disruption - 245 days ago
posted: 14/09/20

Have been able to download complete songs in the past but have been trying off and on and only seem to get 30 seconds of songs. Is this the norm

Disruption - 252 days ago
posted: 07/09/20

Can't download full song only downloads 30 seconds of the song

Comment - 257 days ago
posted: 02/09/20

All songs last only 30 seconds.

Down - 261 days ago
posted: 29/08/20

Someone else know why redmp3 doesn't work since 21 aout 2020? in french: quelqu'un sait pourquoi le site ne marche plus? est du à moi et mon pc ou est ce du au server ou autres chose qui bloquent les chansons à 30 sedondes....???

Disruption - 277 days ago
posted: 13/08/20

All music played or downloaded are only 30 seconds. I can't play or download a full song. What am I doing wrong? Been using redmp3 for years, and this is the first time I find this problem.

Disruption - 280 days ago
posted: 10/08/20

All songs are 30 sec length so please solve this issue

Disruption - 280 days ago
posted: 10/08/20

I can't download a full track

Disruption - 282 days ago
posted: 08/08/20

Website is Playing only 30 seconds duration of any song, and also while downloading that song only 30 second clip is downloading, not full song.

Disruption - 287 days ago
posted: 03/08/20

Only 30 seconds of music playing and downloading!

Down - 289 days ago
posted: 01/08/20

Not working states error

Thabiso "TS" Sekhokho
Down - 289 days ago
posted: 01/08/20

Cannot access the site from South Africa.

Down - 290 days ago
posted: 31/07/20

The website does not connect.

Comment - 297 days ago
posted: 24/07/20

Why only 30 sec of the song is play and download

Disruption - 298 days ago
posted: 23/07/20

Same Problem as outlined by Jerome - Download is restricted to 470 kB (30 seconds playing time).

Disruption - 298 days ago
posted: 23/07/20

When i download file, a default file size 470kb (30sec) is only downloaded

Bill Croweskate
Comment from United States - 1859 days ago
posted: 14/04/16

Getting popup "listen and download allowed only russia and ukraine' THEN I GET ERROR

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