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Q: What to do if problem is at server?

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Rajan Venkateswaran
Down - 146 days ago
posted: 13/07/23

Hello. I have a Home Broadband Optic Fibre connection 2448 2172 in Al Khuwair Flat 44, Building 935, Way 4509. Next to OCS. Since 17.30 hrs today the Connection is fine but am not able to browse. Restarted. Same issue. All 4 lights are green. Tried calling Call centre but was put on hold perpetually. Connection is in my name Rajan Venkateswaran. May I know when this will be resolved and how to lodge a complaint? Calling call centre doesnt work

Disruption - 186 days ago
posted: 03/06/23

We want more towers to reduce latency and to get high rates in download

Anwarul Haque
Down - 297 days ago
posted: 12/02/23

Hi, This site working all network except omantel ISP service provider. Can you please help us steps to fix it.

Down - 347 days ago
posted: 24/12/22

We want zero ping in every city

Down - 347 days ago
posted: 24/12/22

We pay a lot of money for weak and poor connection fuck you mother fucker muslims for that nothing is working in Oman worst country ever just steal your money for everything

Down - 376 days ago
posted: 25/11/22

Internet is poor 3days continue

Down - 482 days ago
posted: 11/08/22

Yeah nothing working on this shit country like Oman everything worse, royal family corrupt, Government corrupt نعم لا شيء يعمل في هذا البلد القذر مثل عمان كل شيء أسوأ ، العائلة المالكة فاسدة ، الحكومة فاسدة

Down - 520 days ago
posted: 05/07/22

We need fix's to the problems in this fucking country (worst country just steal our money for bad services) --> (islamic country --> corruption) --> (islam 100% corrupt religion)

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