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Down - 270 days ago
posted: 09/08/20


Gretchen M Coleman
Down - 346 days ago
posted: 25/05/20

No connect

Down - 371 days ago
posted: 30/04/20

When will it be back up it been months wont work

Down - 393 days ago
posted: 08/04/20

I found a reddit post and most users said they're leaving for good. But the same time I found another link which seems to be working.

Down - 406 days ago
posted: 26/03/20

NetFlix/Amazon/HollyWood shutdown

Down - 406 days ago
posted: 26/03/20

Allow - Bring back They had very good educational, historical films and video.

Disruption in United States - 408 days ago
posted: 24/03/20

I haven't been able to reach the site for over a month now... Did they block it in the US?

Down - 413 days ago
posted: 19/03/20

I wonder if the Matrix Popo shut them down ?

Down - 427 days ago
posted: 05/03/20

I've tried ping and everything, not resolving the name..

Down - 427 days ago
posted: 05/03/20

Not Connecting to

Hugh Jupeenus
Down - 427 days ago
posted: 05/03/20

Error 1016 Ray ID: 56f2a52f4897ce7b • 2020-03-05 09:00:12 UTC Origin DNS error

Down - 428 days ago
posted: 04/03/20

Can't login

Down - 428 days ago
posted: 04/03/20

Faced with:’s server IP address could not be found. on one pc and on another Faced with: error 1016 origin dns error.

Down in France - 910 days ago
posted: 08/11/18

Disruptions for 2 days then site down in France for the last 46 hours. Error 523 "origin is unreachable"

Down in Canada - 910 days ago
posted: 08/11/18

Error 522

Down in Canada - 910 days ago
posted: 08/11/18

IfI could just get a status of what is happening at best site I have been on

Sean T.
Down in United States - 2331 days ago
posted: 19/12/14

Error Loading Sources An error occured loading sources. Check your connection and/or the Icefilms site.

Down in Australia - 2332 days ago
posted: 17/12/14

When I try and log into it comes up with the name across the page with a smoky surround

Down in Australia - 2332 days ago
posted: 17/12/14

When I log into icefilms just has icefilms across page with like a smoke surround?

Down in United Kingdom - 2352 days ago
posted: 27/11/14

Hearing it has been blocked by BT and SKY

Disruption in United Kingdom - 2354 days ago
posted: 25/11/14

When I try to enter i get a white screen with the text "Error - site blocked"

Disruption in United States - 2431 days ago
posted: 09/09/14

Is site down?

Disruption in United Kingdom - 2459 days ago
posted: 12/08/14

It's saying the site is not online! is it saying this to anyone else?!

Down in United States - 2461 days ago
posted: 10/08/14

Its down here (tx) as well.

Down in United Kingdom - 2462 days ago
posted: 09/08/14

Cannot download data or art.

Down in Pakistan - 2478 days ago
posted: 24/07/14

Is site down for everyone?

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    Any body can't log into I've had issues all week.