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Q: What to do if problem is at server?

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Down - 18 days ago
posted: 01/04/24


Disruption - 543 days ago
posted: 23/10/22

Не могу открыть галерею ru

Disruption - 544 days ago
posted: 22/10/22

403 Запрещено Вашему IP-адресу запрещен доступ к этому ресурсу. Это может быть связано с флудом, сканированием портов или незаконными запросами.

Comment - 548 days ago
posted: 18/10/22

пишет 403 запрещен доступ с моего IP-адресса, но я не являюсь спамером или нарушителем

Просто россиянка
Disruption - 562 days ago
posted: 04/10/22

Не могу оплатить сайт. У многих такие же проблемы. Обращались к администрации, ответов нет. Что делать?

Rose Krizan
Down - 570 days ago
posted: 27/09/22

403 Forbidden Your IP address is forbidden from accessing this resource. This might be related to flooding, portscan or illegal requests. Please help!

Down - 644 days ago
posted: 15/07/22

Still doesn't work on Chrome browser but works on other browsers.

Down - 645 days ago
posted: 14/07/22

Site has been down for me for a few days, I've never had a problem and have many bookmarks from this site. I am getting told the site can't be reached/is taking too long. Nothing has changed on my end.

Down - 755 days ago
posted: 25/03/22

It seems to be blocked on Starlink. I can access via a proxy but not by direct connect. It might be blocked by Russia or by Starlink, it is uncertain... I appreciate this is probably related to the war, but I don't see how a site that people post holiday picture and cross stitch is relevant to war?

Down - 777 days ago
posted: 03/03/22

Unable to access the link, error showing "This site can’t be reached" took too long to respond.

Down - 790 days ago
posted: 18/02/22

It times out and says not responding. I really needed on there today! It's been down all week.

Down - 822 days ago
posted: 17/01/22

I was accessing to without problems until two days ago when it suddenly stopped working. When I try to open the website I get a "Connection has expired" message. I can access to other websites, my firewall is correctly configured, and I already reset the modem and the computer.

Ricki Mondin
Down - 856 days ago
posted: 14/12/21

Can’t open

LBA Belsky
Down - 859 days ago
posted: 12/12/21

The site just stopped allowing me access for no reason at all. The screen just stays black and nothing happens. There is nothing wrong with my internet or connections so what is up?

Ricki Mondin
Down - 864 days ago
posted: 06/12/21

Can not open gallery ru

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