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Down in United States - 15 days ago
posted: 16/07/21


Down in United States - 102 days ago
posted: 21/04/21


Down - 301 days ago
posted: 04/10/20

Down since friday - chat room will work though - not posting links its easy 2 find chat

Down - 301 days ago
posted: 04/10/20

.sc and .com have been unavailable since yesterday PM. Response from server: "This site can’t be reached. refused to connect." I fear they may have been closed down. is still available but not at all as good as .sc.

Down - 301 days ago
posted: 04/10/20

It's down on Firefox and Opera so I figure the server is properly down (.tv and .sc) 4 Oct

Down - 302 days ago
posted: 03/10/20

3rd oct down

Comment - 372 days ago
posted: 25/07/20

Impossible to get day 2 England v West Indies?

Davjd White
Down in Philippines - 837 days ago
posted: 17/04/19

Error loading video on cric tv

Down in United Kingdom - 1167 days ago
posted: 21/05/18


Down in Ireland - 1657 days ago
posted: 16/01/17

Simply can no longer stream golf thru golf channer nor sky sports 4

Mick W
Disruption in United Kingdom - 1692 days ago
posted: 13/12/16

I keep getting blocked by an Adblock plus message, when I refesh its in a small screen,

Disruption in United Kingdom - 1766 days ago
posted: 29/09/16

No sound on golf channel feed

Down in United Kingdom - 1940 days ago
posted: 09/04/16

No live version

Disruption in New Zealand - 2200 days ago
posted: 24/07/15

Cannot go to full screen ans picture has been 'dulled' and not very good to view

Down in United Arab Emirates - 2542 days ago
posted: 16/08/14

All Channels are asking me to 'create channel'? It was working fine last night.

David Sulcas
Down in Thailand - 2546 days ago
posted: 12/08/14

I keep getting a create channel which is a e-mail for flashtv its like a pop up i cant get rid off.tried everything for three day now and nothing works.

Disruption in United Kingdom - 2570 days ago
posted: 19/07/14

Change it web site address.

Peter Lewis
Down in United Arab Emirates - 2574 days ago
posted: 14/07/14

The site loads and chat is working but not a single channel is working- ie just a blank screen for the past 2 days.

Disruption in United States - 2605 days ago
posted: 14/06/14

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