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Carol Channing
Disruption in Hong Kong - 935 days ago
posted: 06/07/17

I assess tuebl via Moon Reader Pro via my Samsung note edge. It has been working fine until recently. I can see the catalog, however, when I go to books, I get an error message stating "No Peer Certificate". My daughter is also using Moon Reader Pro and hers is okay. Please help me to solve the problem

Irene Hirschfield
Disruption in United States - 952 days ago
posted: 19/06/17

It was working fine, and then I couldn't add books. I use Moon Reader Pro. I first uninstalled the app and then re-installed it. I have added the catalog as http://tuebl.ca/catalog. the catalog appears, but when I go to authors or books I get an error message stating "no Peer certificate" I have Moon Reader on my phone and 2 Samsung tablets, it isn't working on my tablets, but seems to be working on my phone. I love it, and can't figure out what to do to get it to work.

Disruption in Canada - 1330 days ago
posted: 06/06/16

For some reason as soon as I try to download a book I get a pop up from Facebook daily contest and there is no way to get out of it. I cannot find another way into tuebl.ca without this happening. I love this site but cannot use it. Help

Donna F
Down in United States - 1532 days ago
posted: 17/11/15

Browse has not updated books in days

Down in Canada - 1777 days ago
posted: 16/03/15

I have not been able to add a new catalogue using the green button.... I went to import Download Books "Other Catalogue" edit add Catalogue http://Tuebl.ca prompt Tuebl ....it is very frustrating as I cannot get any of the books I wld like to read.. I was told to go to the Tuebl.ca site but it still did not help me with my problem of adding a new catalogue ..it always say "Error Adding Catalogue" so basically I feel I purchased an app that I will never useð

Disruption in United States - 1879 days ago
posted: 05/12/14

Unable to search for author. It appears database is not fully loaded.

Sandra Go
Down in United States - 1880 days ago
posted: 03/12/14

Unable to use search. Nothing comes up with any search criteria. Has not worked in about 10 days prior to that it was wonderful. 12/3/14

Comment from United States - 1882 days ago
posted: 02/12/14

Search does no work

Suzanne Walker
Comment from Australia - 1990 days ago
posted: 16/08/14

I have inadvertently downloaded multiple copies of the same book. How can I delete these copies? It was my first attempt at using Tuebl. Thanks.

Down in South Africa - 2001 days ago
posted: 04/08/14

It's been a few days now the newest section is still having the same book. It is like not updating.

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