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Down - 12 days ago
posted: 23/05/20

No new movies in any months

Disruption - 113 days ago
posted: 13/02/20

No new content

Down in United States - 179 days ago
posted: 09/12/19

Site has not been updated for weeks. Is the site down? no updates nothing.

Disruption in United States - 202 days ago
posted: 16/11/19

There have been no updates on this site for weeks now. Is it no longer in service or what's going on?

Down in United States - 1254 days ago
posted: 29/12/16

Plugin wouldn't load. On every movie. I have changed nothing on my hard drive and had no problem playing movies.

Disruption in Canada - 1714 days ago
posted: 26/09/15

Movie won't play, says file invalid or deleted

Disruption in United States - 1730 days ago
posted: 09/09/15

The site is up but we're not getting play. Either it's limited viewing and to wait but nothing happens....really frustrating

Alan Maurer
Down in United States - 1737 days ago
posted: 03/09/15

All movies show: "View limited, wait you can continue to view." After I click the X.

Disruption in United States - 1969 days ago
posted: 14/01/15

This is the error message I keep getting ttps:// File invalid or deleted

Disruption in United States - 2011 days ago
posted: 03/12/14

How do I stop the adds from playing while I'm viewing a movie or all together?

Down in United States - 2028 days ago
posted: 15/11/14

Clicking on a movie doesn't result in the movie page popping up. It just stays on the page with the movie listings.

Down in United States - 2083 days ago
posted: 21/09/14

From my cell phone I can't get anymore I got it yesterday.

Down in United States - 2100 days ago
posted: 04/09/14

Every time I click a movie to play it, it tells me "View limited, wait you can continue to view.".

Disruption in United States - 2101 days ago
posted: 03/09/14

I am having the same issue. Every time I click a movie to play it, it tells me "View limited, wait you can continue to view." Wish I new a fix!

Down in United States - 2102 days ago
posted: 03/09/14

What is the new url.

Down in United States - 2102 days ago
posted: 03/09/14

Wont play movies keeps saying wait will play later.

Tyler C
Down in United States - 2103 days ago
posted: 01/09/14

Every time I click on a movie, it shows up "View limited, wait you can continue to view." Please help.

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