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Disruption in United States - 1913 days ago
posted: 01/01/15

This is stupid! How am I supposed to watch my shows free now???

Down in United States - 1927 days ago
posted: 19/12/14 is gone and has been replaced with a tv guide site:

Disruption in United States - 1927 days ago
posted: 18/12/14

The website now redirects to a "" and no longer offers links to videos.

Down in United States - 1928 days ago
posted: 18/12/14

'Under maintenance, please check back soon'. Still get ad pop ups from the site.

Down in United States - 1928 days ago
posted: 18/12/14

It seem like Ch131 has been down since "The Pirate Bay" went down.

Down in United States - 1929 days ago
posted: 16/12/14

Says it's under maintenance ...for now more than a month is it?

Down in Ireland - 1930 days ago
posted: 16/12/14

It says under maintenance but it's like that since 8th December ????

Down in United Kingdom - 1931 days ago
posted: 14/12/14

Still saying down for maintenance , this since Monday 8/12 !! What's going on ??

Down in Canada - 1932 days ago
posted: 13/12/14

Still down on Saturday the 13th. Says "down for maintenance. Check back soon".

Down in United States - 1934 days ago
posted: 12/12/14

Has been saying it is down for maintenance since Monday (when I checked) U.S.

Down in Ireland - 1934 days ago
posted: 11/12/14

It's down since sunday can't watch my tv shows

Down in United States - 1935 days ago
posted: 11/12/14

Also getting under maintenance but the ad bars show up

Down in Canada - 1935 days ago
posted: 11/12/14

Said page couldnt be found so did the ctrl f5 and now it says under maintenance

Sadhana Thompson
Down in United Kingdom - 1936 days ago
posted: 09/12/14

Unable to download tv shows !!!!

Down in Ireland - 1938 days ago
posted: 08/12/14

It says site forbidden code 403

Down in Canada - 1938 days ago
posted: 08/12/14

"Sorry! The page you're looking for cannot be found."

Disruption in Canada - 1938 days ago
posted: 08/12/14

Orla O Leary
Disruption in Ireland - 1938 days ago
posted: 08/12/14


Disruption in United States - 1956 days ago
posted: 19/11/14

It say,s no video found

Down in United Kingdom - 2055 days ago
posted: 13/08/14

Cant find the site.

Disruption in Ireland - 2056 days ago
posted: 12/08/14

Can't get my tv shows.

Down in Canada - 2056 days ago
posted: 12/08/14

It's down.

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