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Disruption in United States - 1 days ago
posted: 13/06/21

When will this issues be corrected.

Disruption - 1 days ago
posted: 13/06/21

I had the same password problem. The solution is to log into your ATT account, click on profile or see profile, add secure mail key, then update your email client devices for incoming and outgoing with the newly created secure mail key password.

Disruption - 1 days ago
posted: 13/06/21

I had the same password problem. The solution is to log into your AT

Farrah Liscinsky
Down - 6 days ago
posted: 08/06/21

Unable to get my emails. Telling me to enter password but the password is always in…any thoughts on fixing this.

Down - 49 days ago
posted: 27/04/21


Down - 49 days ago
posted: 27/04/21

Keeps telling there is no password but it is saved

Gerald Guinn
Down in United States - 52 days ago
posted: 24/04/21

POP and device access is down. Been that way for over 24 hours since 4/22. Fix it.

Phil Cardoso
Down - 60 days ago
posted: 16/04/21

Have not received any e-mails since Monday April 12 is server down?

Lonny Rimel
Down - 67 days ago
posted: 08/04/21

Mail on mac isn't working because sbcetc. doesn't accept my password. Via yahoo login my password works.

Lonny Rimel
Down - 67 days ago
posted: 08/04/21 won't accept password; via browser, mail works.

Roger Watson
Down - 69 days ago
posted: 07/04/21

Can't connect to server. Different devices have the same issue, so it is very unlikely that all my devices are down. This has been going on since yesterday around noon.

Burton Sage
Down - 73 days ago
posted: 02/04/21

My email client reports that it could not log in to, and to try again later. It has been a week.

Down - 74 days ago
posted: 02/04/21

Sbcglobal has been down for me since Tuesday 3-30-21.

Rich Wilson
Down - 94 days ago
posted: 12/03/21

Is down. I cannot connect on three devices

Down in United States - 137 days ago
posted: 28/01/21

SBCGLOBAL.NET's log-in says it doesn't recognize my SBCGLOBAL.NET email address even though it was working prior to last week. Doesn't matter what email client/platform/OS I'm using. The server appears to not be working. We've been on the phone with AT

Mardrie Mullen
Down - 142 days ago
posted: 24/01/21

Okay ATT, you get a $100 bucks a month from me and my email is not working. I’ve tried all of your troubleshooting to no avail. I have had the same account for over 20 years and now it is not working. What is up? Why can’t I get help? Why can’t I speak to real person instead of going into a crazy loop getting absolutely no where? If this is the service you provide to a long time customer I may very well go somewhere else. Please help me. [email protected] 818 981-88697

Down - 143 days ago
posted: 22/01/21

Email for sbcglobal gives error code since yesterday...

Down - 143 days ago
posted: 22/01/21

"User ID" errors for all employees in office

Disruption - 144 days ago
posted: 22/01/21

Cannot log into email from any source for almost 24 hours

Down - 144 days ago
posted: 22/01/21

I have not been able to log onto my email account on computer or phone for more than 11 hours.  I called 2x. The first time after 20 minutes, the tech said there was an outage.  The second time, right.  What's up?  I need to send things along from that account, yet can't even log in to get old emails to forward them to gmail.  Any update.

Down - 190 days ago
posted: 07/12/20

Stopped working on iphone at 4:32 CST today (12/5/20). Cant login to the sbcglobal account under yahoo. Getting server errors.

Down - 196 days ago
posted: 30/11/20

We cannot access email since Nov. 12. Is the server down?

Down - 201 days ago
posted: 25/11/20

No email service on either phone. For 2 weeks my wife's phone won't connect because of "no password" but the password is there and correct. Since Monday my phone can not connect with the serve because it is down. What is the problem with this server and why can't it be fixed?

Down - 208 days ago
posted: 18/11/20

Unable to log into sbcglobal email - keeps asking for password even after password is entered on iphone and tablet

Down in United States - 208 days ago
posted: 18/11/20

Not receiving email. Error says no password privided, but the account shows the password is there. Happening on all devices.

Down - 209 days ago
posted: 18/11/20

Not receiving e-mail

Down - 386 days ago
posted: 25/05/20

Like Leah below me I am unable to log back into email account. Computers that are still logged in allow me to view emails, but once I log out, I can not log back in

Leah Fraser
Down - 396 days ago
posted: 15/05/20

I was logged into my email yesterday and it all of the sudden kicked me out and won't let me log back in. I've tried on my computer as well as on the yahoo mail app on my phone.

Tom Kane
Down - 483 days ago
posted: 18/02/20

Does not respond

Disruption in United States - 514 days ago
posted: 18/01/20

Keeps sending me the same e-mail over and over but not any others. "Downloading message 1 of 104" but never gets past the one!! 2 days now. I have hundreds of the same advertisement e-mail.

Disruption in United States - 515 days ago
posted: 16/01/20

Cannot connect

Down in United States - 535 days ago
posted: 28/12/19

Task 'Synchronizing subscribed folders for [email protected]' reported error (0x800CCC0E) : 'Outlook cannot synchronize subscribed folders for [email protected] Error: Cannot connect to the server. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).'

Bill Daly
Down in United States - 539 days ago
posted: 23/12/19

No email

Down in United States - 543 days ago
posted: 20/12/19

No email for 2 days

Disruption in United States - 555 days ago
posted: 07/12/19

Cannot log in to my email. has not synced for 3 days

Down in United States - 571 days ago
posted: 22/11/19

Server down. Can’t access account.

Down in United States - 724 days ago
posted: 22/06/19 has been down for me for three days. Driving me crazy.

Down in United States - 876 days ago
posted: 21/01/19

Can,t access my account

Down in United States - 892 days ago
posted: 05/01/19

Sbcglobal appears to be down. When will it be back up?

Disruption in United States - 909 days ago
posted: 19/12/18

I can't sign in my account after I use this page its temporarily closed. They not still contact me back

Down in Canada - 909 days ago
posted: 18/12/18

Cannot sign in and tech support had me try so many temporary pw that it locked me out. they said they would call me back in an hour... never heard back

Down in United States - 923 days ago
posted: 04/12/18 will not load through Outlook; however, WinMail and online access still ok. This has been a recurring issue for the past few days. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't

John Kelly
Down in United States - 927 days ago
posted: 01/12/18

THe past 2 days i can't connect, getting a server ERR(SYS/TEMP), (0x800ccc92) Please try again later. [email protected]

Down in United States - 927 days ago
posted: 01/12/18

Can't send or receive email for 2 days. This caused me to miss a deadline.

Down in United States - 951 days ago
posted: 06/11/18

Can't receive or send email

Down in United States - 953 days ago
posted: 05/11/18

Haven’t been able to get emails for 2 days or updates

Down in United States - 957 days ago
posted: 31/10/18

Won't accept my password

Down in United States - 958 days ago
posted: 31/10/18

I have been receiving send/receive errors when accessing for the last 3 days now. It looks like the server is up a few times a day because occasionally a batch of emails gets through

Down in United States - 1000 days ago
posted: 19/09/18

For a week now, won't pass mail. If I go directly to ATT I can get the mail. If I use any other method (Outlook, gmail, other third-party email client, etc) I can't get mail. However, like once a day suddenly everything works and I get an entire days mail. This tells me my settings are correct (otherwise I'd get no mail any time at all) and something is going on with

Down in United States - 1017 days ago
posted: 02/09/18 has been down for me since July 2 2018

Down in United States - 1077 days ago
posted: 04/07/18

I cannot login to my yahoo mail account using I enter my password and nothing happens. I can't change my password either.

Down in United States - 1400 days ago
posted: 14/08/17 is down. Do I get a refund?

Jon Petersen
Down in United States - 1421 days ago
posted: 24/07/17

Cannot send email

Jon Petersen
Down in United States - 1421 days ago
posted: 24/07/17

Cannot send email, tried different computers and phone. Doing this through yahoo mail.

Down in United States - 1556 days ago
posted: 12/03/17

Can not receive emails over iphone. Email works on laptops. Spent 40 minutes with Apple tech support yesterday. They say problem is with sbcglobal servers.

Down in United States - 1565 days ago
posted: 03/03/17

Email ( has been down since Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017. Have not seen anything "official" from AT

Down in United States - 1567 days ago
posted: 01/03/17

So can you tell me why after several hours we still don't have access to email?

Renee Crane
Down in United States - 2042 days ago
posted: 11/11/15

Can not access email

Down in United States - 2043 days ago
posted: 10/11/15

I can send emails on, but cannot receive any emails, or only the random few since this morning (Nov. 10th) When do you think the site will be back up and running correctly?

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