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Down - 69 days ago
posted: 01/12/22

Non si connette

Limon King
Down - 111 days ago
posted: 20/10/22


Aiyet Felis Agrus
Down - 174 days ago
posted: 18/08/22

Since the site seems down :< and its supposedly been down a while R.I.P it was good I highly suggest instead. You can still choose the size of the gif and keep it uncompressed etc if you want so its the same pixel size as the frames you use so theres no artifacting

Down - 176 days ago
posted: 16/08/22

What happens to Will it back again? If not then what's the alternative?

Down - 195 days ago
posted: 28/07/22

RIP Gifmaker. You were good to us. Best alternative but not free is imgflip com / gif-maker

Down - 204 days ago
posted: 19/07/22

What happened to it?

Down - 209 days ago
posted: 14/07/22

For anyone else who is looking for a good way to make gifs now that gifmaker is (potentially) permanently down--photopea dot com is a really good replacement that acts p much exactly like photoshop down to a T, it's pretty easy to animate gifs in it by uploading all your layers and making them all animation layers, then exporting as a gif to your liking. It's a real shame that Gifmaker isn't around anymore though, it really was one of the best/simple use websites out there for this sort of stuff.

Down - 209 days ago
posted: 14/07/22

Was the easiest to use gif maker around. Apparently it's no longer around.

Down - 211 days ago
posted: 12/07/22

It's not working. Please fix it 🙏

Down - 212 days ago
posted: 11/07/22

Nooo! I can not live without him! Please come back!

Down - 215 days ago
posted: 08/07/22

What a shame! Best gifmaker out there.

Down - 216 days ago
posted: 07/07/22

The website does not load

Down - 217 days ago
posted: 06/07/22

The site is down.

Mary E Garner
Down - 220 days ago
posted: 03/07/22

It won't load.

Down - 223 days ago
posted: 30/06/22

Same for me. I was working on an animation MAP part for High Hopes and guess what? Down. I ended up using a different site but I didn't like it because the speed settings were just too different. is the better site and is easy to use. I wonder what happened.

Down - 224 days ago
posted: 29/06/22


Down - 227 days ago
posted: 27/06/22

Unable to access site at all, which is a huge shame since this is pretty much the only and best site i can find use to make high quality gifs/transparent gifs, personally.

Down - 232 days ago
posted: 21/06/22 is down

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