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Down - 103 days ago
posted: 13/03/24

The site has been down for over a week and nothing from CIPC on their website and not a single sign that anything is beige done about it: This is unacceptable fo them to place their head between their legs and be unseen. Fic this and let the public know.

Down - 124 days ago
posted: 21/02/24

The website won't load at all. I could temporarily get into the site, but when you try to the Captcha, it kicks you out.

Down - 288 days ago
posted: 10/09/23

Website down

Yolanda Cupido
Down - 399 days ago
posted: 22/05/23

Cannot log in, it says Password invalid for customer code entered

Disruption - 413 days ago
posted: 08/05/23

Site not recognising Identity Numbers.

Mkgatla Simon Mathunyane
Down - 470 days ago
posted: 12/03/23


Down - 500 days ago
posted: 10/02/23

Can not access the CIPC site, getting an error 500 message.

Down - 524 days ago
posted: 17/01/23

This is the most horrible and pathetic service i have ever experienced 1) ID numbers are not recognised (Home affairs issue always) 2) System is now not working

Down - 529 days ago
posted: 12/01/23

The CIPC Site is not working ???

Naidu IP
Disruption - 529 days ago
posted: 12/01/23

I cannot access CIPC Site - Website not loading

Corporate Secretary
Down - 629 days ago
posted: 04/10/22

Absolutely PATHETIC!!! We have clients in dire need of Company changes, and there is nothing we can do, PLEASE fix your system with the Department of Home Affairs!!!

Down - 629 days ago
posted: 04/10/22

I cannot process any director changes on the site or submit annual returns

Down - 629 days ago
posted: 04/10/22

I cannot access the file annual returns section of the website. Website just times out. Very frustrating

Down - 657 days ago
posted: 06/09/22

Cannot change members - ID number issue

Down - 665 days ago
posted: 29/08/22

I cannot enter the identity numbers of the directors... It states they do not recognise the identity number. is there a problem at home affairs

Down - 679 days ago
posted: 15/08/22

Takes extremely long to login, once logged in, unable to transact. Most of the day thus far.

Down - 683 days ago
posted: 11/08/22 servers not responding. Site times out.

Down - 716 days ago
posted: 09/07/22

Website not loading

Down - 986 days ago
posted: 12/10/21

You can log in - and then it just kicks you out again and again and again

Down in South Africa - 3156 days ago
posted: 03/11/15

Unable to log in. Message indicates unable to communicate with server

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