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Q: What to do if problem is at bullchat.nl server?

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Complaints and Comments

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Disruption in Netherlands - 221 days ago
posted: 02/01/20

Need to pay 0,99 euro before login in...is that new?

Disruption in Belgium - 232 days ago
posted: 22/12/19

Not possible to login ... many days already : black screen

Comment from Netherlands - 236 days ago
posted: 18/12/19

Hello after clicking enter chatroom shows me only Black site nothing more

Disruption in Belgium - 245 days ago
posted: 09/12/19

I get always access denied and now for 48 hours ????

Down in Netherlands - 271 days ago
posted: 13/11/19

Hello I enter the chat and then I see a black page... I couldn't login for more than 2 weeks... can you help me?

Disruption in Netherlands - 272 days ago
posted: 12/11/19

I can't log in, a black page appears for several weeks

Disruption in Netherlands - 426 days ago
posted: 11/06/19

Nou weer weer weer toegang geweigerd ( "acces denied" ) ik vindt erg kinderachtig bullchat elke keer blokkeer op iedereen en mijne ook hou es op man bullchat!!!!

Down in Belgium - 437 days ago
posted: 31/05/19

Sedert deze morgen kan ik niet inloggen om welke reden dan ook.

Down in United States - 448 days ago
posted: 20/05/19

Ik krijg steeds de melding "acces denied"

Peter Van Uffelen
Disruption in Belgium - 567 days ago
posted: 21/01/19

Acces denied, niet tegenstaande ik tien minuten geleden toch kon inloggen, hoe komt dit ?

Down in Netherlands - 576 days ago
posted: 12/01/19

I constantly get the message, while logging in: access denied

Disruption in Netherlands - 591 days ago
posted: 28/12/18

When i'm logged in i get kicked out after a few seconds. when i try to log in again there comes this pop-up: 'access denied'

Disruption in Netherlands - 591 days ago
posted: 28/12/18

When i'm logged in the system logs me off within seconds and when you try to log in again there comes a popup which says 'acces denied'

Down in Belgium - 673 days ago
posted: 07/10/18

There is an unknown connection issue between Cloudflare and the origin web server. As a result, the web page can not be displayed.

Down in Belgium - 697 days ago
posted: 14/09/18

Bullchat heeft zijn beste tijd gehad . mannen die het goed voor hebben daar worden er constant zonder rede afgekikkerd . telkens acces dinied ?? waarom ? weet bullchat dat zelf wel ? na 2 min krijg ik telkens die melding . beter chat aanpassen en alle fakers er af kikkeren ! triestig

Down in Netherlands - 747 days ago
posted: 25/07/18

Kan 1 x inloggen kan mezelf niet terug vinden waarna ik er na 2 min wordt uitgegooit bij op nieuw proberen krijg ik acces dinied

Bare Slet Slave
Comment from Netherlands - 751 days ago
posted: 21/07/18

Can t log in whay???

Down in Netherlands - 822 days ago
posted: 11/05/18

Can't log in: duplicate name or unavailable service

Disruption in Netherlands - 1082 days ago
posted: 24/08/17

Drama drama het werkt voor geen meter meer en niemand die er wat aan doet !!!! (locatie bepaling)

Disruption in Netherlands - 1089 days ago
posted: 17/08/17

Ik krijg een melding : je hebt geen locatie gekozen terwijl je sinds kort geen locatie meer kunt ingeven

Comment from Belgium - 1128 days ago
posted: 09/07/17

Waar is de landkaart ???

Comment from Netherlands - 1133 days ago
posted: 04/07/17

Waar is de landkaart?

Down in Belgium - 1137 days ago
posted: 30/06/17

I can Lig in but only choose for 'Amsterdam' , no other possibility. What's wrong please

Disruption in Netherlands - 1137 days ago
posted: 30/06/17


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